Tips and tricks on how to pack in Summer

Benjamin Siggers

  • Sunday 23, June 2019 06:27 AM
  • Tips and tricks on how to pack in Summer
Summer is almost here and this means many of us will be packing our bags and heading for greener (and less humid) pastures. Be it a beach holiday, trip to visit friends and family or a weekend staycation, the task of packing, unpacking and repacking can trigger feelings of discomfort when it comes to the mental preparation.
Ensuring you have the appropriate attire for every situation and opportunity while living out of a suitcase is only half the battle, as it's equally important to ensure your outfit is flawless and ready to wear at a moment's notice.

In particular, packing your formal wear, (namely suits), can be a challenging task due to the fact that it needs to be handled with a little extra care to minimise creasing. Packing should be considered an art form and like anything, the more you practice the more astute you will become. In saying this, there are a few key tips that won't go astray when it comes to mastering the job, and Founders of luxury bespoke menswear tailor, Benjamin Siggers, Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers, are here to set the scene.

Packing the Essentials
When packing, start by listing and organising your essential items first, beginning most importantly with the passport. It is recommended that you get yourself a passport holder to organise and carry your most important flying documents. After which, take the time to plan your outfits. If you have multiple functions in the diary requiring you to wear a suit or some version of formal wear, save space in your suitcase by finding different accessories for the same outfit, such as various coloured shirts and ties or cufflinks and shoes. This will provide a refreshed look for each ensemble, saving you time and luggage space with everyone none the wiser.

Placement 101
There are many recommendations on the best way to optimise space while packing a suitcase, from rolling every item, folding neatly, to air compressing into bags. Whatever your strategy, it is most important to decide on the placement of clothing items within the suitcase to reduce creasing. When packing your suit or formal wear, it is our suggestion to use a traditional garment bag guaranteed to keep your clothing in impeccable condition. Alternatively, you can also pack it in the back compartment of the suitcase, where it will be safe from wrinkling. Should you have something important to attend shortly after you arrive at your destination, it is suggested to take this with you as carry-on and ask the cabin crew to carefully hang your piece. There's nothing worse than standing at the baggage carousel with the realisation that your baggage is lost, including the evening's perfect party attire.

Upon Arrival
Once you arrive at your accommodation, immediately place the items that require hanging in the wardrobe. For those pieces that have moderately wrinkled, you should find that the creases vanish overnight simply by leaving them be. If an outfit has been significantly wrinkled, consider steaming up the bathroom and placing your clothing there for the evening as this should help them deplete. In case of emergencies, the hotel can often provide a 24-hour cleaning service for the most lost of causes.

Purchasing clothing that is wrinkle free can also be a lifesaver in many situations. You will want to ensure, however, that these pieces are free from chemicals, such as formaldehyde, as this is dangerous not only to the environment but harmful to the body.