Meniere’s disease

Dr. Khuloud Ibrahim Alblooshi

  • Sunday 14, April 2019 10:18 AM
Meniere’s disease is an auditory disease that affect the inner ear which play an important role in balance. This disease can affect all ages but mostly presents at the age between 20 and 40.
The disease is thought to be the result of build up fluids in the inner ear which the underlying cause of is unknown, however, there are several suggested theories which might be responsible, for instance allergic responses (might be from food), syphilis, hypothyroidism, physical trauma, Lyme disease, Diabetes, Central nervous system disease, viral infection and immune-derived causes.

Meniere's disease is characterised by the presence of the triad of vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus, also other features can be present like sensation of fullness or pressure in the affected ear and nausea.

Symptoms of Meniere disease can vary in intensity among individuals and one of the characteristic symptoms is Vertigo which is a sensation of rotatory spinning that lasts for 20 minutes to 24 hours and might be associated with nausea and vomiting , also one of the other common symptoms is hearing loss which is initially Fluctuating and affects lower frequencies and over time can progresses to permanent hearing loss which will affects all frequencies, In addition, Tinnitus also can occur which is a low pitch buzzing, ringing sound in one or both ears.

Meniere disease can be diagnosed mostly from history and neurologic evaluation and examination, in addition to that, other tests can be done when necessary like blood test, hearing and balance test and imaging like MRI.

There are several pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment methods which can alleviate the symptoms, one of the methods is to avoid certain types of food or drink like Salt and salty foods, drinks that contain caffeine like Coffee, tea, sodas, and also its advised to avoid Alcohol , nicotine and also Chinese food and packaged foods which may contain a substance called Monosodium glutamate that can trigger symptoms. These type of food or drinks can cause fluids retention and build up hence it advised to be avoided.

Pharmacological treatment can be used if dietary interventions doesn’t control the symptoms, such medications like diuretics, anti-emetic and Anxiolytics , antihistamines and other medications like betahistine, also other advanced treatment methods can be used according to doctor advice if other measures fails to alleviate the symptoms, also hearing aids can be used in case of advanced hearing loss.