The new technology could play a role in the outcome of Sunday's World Cup final

  • Friday 13, July 2018 in 9:15 AM
Sharjah 24 – AFP: The Video Assistant Referee system, or VAR, made its World Cup debut in Russia.
VAR is designed to help avoid refereeing oversights that have the power to turn matches, and even whole competitions.
So how does it work? 
The pitch referee is the only one who can request a video review, and he does so by coordinating with a VAR, or “Video Assistant Referee”, who is watching the action on multiple screens at a location in or outside the stadium.
VARs can only be used in decisions regarding goals, penalties, red cards and cases of mistaken identity on infraction.
When something contentious takes place, either the pitch referee informs the VAR, or the latter alerts the referee to an incident. Either the pitch referee accepts the VAR’s advice and takes the appropriate action, or he requests a review himself. 
He does this by making a rectangular sign to indicate a screen, and then running to the side of the pitch to consult a large flat screen showing the video replay.