Mobile coronavirus test lab made from shipping containers

  • Monday 25, May 2020 04:15 PM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: Researchers from the U.K. have developed the first-ever shipping container lab for COVID-19 testing that features a mobile, low cost, scalable and open-source design.
The lab units are called CONTAIN, according to a preprint study in BioRxive. The paper’s sponsor Open Cell Labs stated that each automated lab is rated Biosafety Level 2 plus as designed and requires just one staff.

The staff logs the barcoded samples before plating them. Then the plates are handed off to OpenTrons OT-2 liquid handling robots for RNA extraction.

Finally, plates from the OT-2 are put into the QuantStudio5 machine for the quantitative polymerase chain reaction test.

Patients take swab tests via a self-closing service window. Open Cell claims that one lab unit can churn out 2,400 tests per day.

Test results are sent electronically via secured protocols that can be integrated for use by governmental health agencies.

The labs could be scaled up by stacking as many as 39 the units together to form a large-scale coronavirus diagnostic centre.