Taiwan to roll out social distancing app

  • Thursday 16, April 2020 08:46 AM
Sharjah24 - Reuters: Taiwan is working on a social distancing app that people can download on a voluntary basis to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a cabinet official said on April 11.
In an article published by Taiwan's Central News Agency, Chien Hung-wei, Director of the Executive Yuan's Department of Cyber Security, said the social distancing app uses Bluetooth to keep track of when the user gets close to other people.

The app will issue an alert each time the user gets too close to someone else. It will also provide data on how often the user came too close to others during each day.

Chien said the app's primary purpose is to provide users with information about crowded places so that they can avoid them.

The app is currently being tested and will be released within the next two weeks. Use of the app will be voluntary. Data will be encrypted and saved in the user's device and will not be collected to track the user's movements, Chien said.

Social distancing guidelines from Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center advise people to stay at least 1 meter apart outdoors and 1.5 meters apart indoors.