For Moscow's quarantined, 100,000 cameras are watching

  • Tuesday 24, March 2020 07:30 AM
Sharjah 24 – AFP: In Moscow, facial-recognition cameras are playing a key role in combatting the coronavirus. The city rolled out the technology just before the epidemic, ignoring concerns over such sophisticated state surveillance.
Since last month, thousands of Muscovites have been confined to their flats for 14 days of compulsory quarantine after travelling to virus-hit countries, contacting those infected or being diagnosed with mild symptoms.

Alexander Minin, NTech Lab general manager said, "If we are talking about a person's face, then the probability of a mistake by our facial recognition algorithm is 1 in 15 million. When we talk about silhouettes, the accuracy is much lower, so let's say now in trial mode it is around 80%, but our goal is to reach 90% or higher."

"We share the technology and don't interfere, don’t dictate how it should be used. It is the technology that law enforcement services work with to ensure security, then they have all the rights to use it however they want," Alexander Minin, NTech Lab general manager pointed out

Kirill Koroteyev, lawyer also added, "Today, facial recognition systems violate the law on personal data of the Russian Federation, because this law assumes that biometric data can be collected only with the consent of a person, with the exception of rare cases, none of which applies to protests in the city of Moscow."

"It is clear that the (video surveillance) system, its main function is to ensure security within the city, but during our performance I’m talking more about the opacity of this system and my incomprehension as a citizen of how this system works and whether it really protects me, and is not becoming yet another greater threat to my safety," artist Dana Stepanova stated.