Internet giants fight spread of coronavirus untruths

  • Wednesday 26, February 2020 08:34 AM
  • Internet giants fight spread of coronavirus untruths
Sharjah 24 – AFP: As the new coronavirus spreads globally, the online battle to keep misinformation about the disease is also stepping up.
Google, Facebook and other platforms are struggling to keep ahead of scammers, trolls, and others with ill intent who routinely use major tragedies or disasters as opportunities to swindle or manipulate people.

"The public concern about coronavirus is being used as a vehicle to get people to transmit misinformation and disinformation," said University of Washington biology professor Carl Bergstrom.

Internet companies took part in a meeting with the World Health Organisation last week at Facebook offices in Silicon Valley to discuss tactics such as promoting reliable information and fact-checking dubious claims about the coronavirus referred to as COVID-19.