NASA's dummies to fly around Moon to test anti-radiation vests

  • Thursday 05, December 2019 07:14 AM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: NASA will send astronaut dummies around the moon in the Orion spacecraft for the uncrewed Artemis I mission scheduled for next year.
According to the outlet, NASA says the goal of the mission is to test a new piece of equipment designed to protect female astronauts from space radiation called the AstroRad.

According to the European Space Agency, the pair of phantom dummies named Zohar and Helga are fitted with over 5,600 radiation sensors.

Zohar will wear the AstroRad protective vest and Helgo will not, which will help researchers evaluate the effectiveness of the vest.

Makers of the radiation vest, a company called StemRad, say the vest protects the breasts, bone marrow, stomach, ovaries and other vulnerable organs that contain stem cells via its variable thickness shielding.

According to the German Aerospace Center's Thomas Berger, though the vest is designed for women, the garment could be adjusted for males.

StemRad claims its vest could allow astronauts to leave the Orioin's solar storm shelters to perform important tasks during a solar storm.

According to the company, the vest significantly reduces cancer and other fatal radiation exposure risks for astronauts.