North Korea opens an IT exhibition in Pyongyang

  • Tuesday 05, November 2019 07:30 AM
  • North Korea opens an IT exhibition in Pyongyang
Sharjah24 – Reuters: North Korea opened a national Information Technology (IT) exhibition in Pyongyang showcasing its latest IT technologies.
Video provided by KCNA, showed state's officials and residents visiting the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium where the National Exhibition of IT Successes 2019 was taking place.

KCNA said related ministries and national institutes participated in the exhibition to present their IT products include robot football, three-dimensional motion capture and face recognition technologies.

North Korea's vice-chairman of central committee of Workers' Party of Korea, Pak Thae Song said that the exhibition is held "at a turbulent time" when they were creating accomplishments through "self-reliance spirit", at the opening ceremony.

The exhibition will be held until November 7, KCNA said.