Google files patent for smart baby monitor

  • Wednesday 11, September 2019 11:58 AM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: Google has filed a patent to use artificial intelligence to monitor babies, CNBC reports, citing the newly published patent application.
The company could use an HD video monitor and its A.I. engines to detect if a baby is feeling uncomfortable.

The A.I. engines could use position detection to determine whether a baby is standing, kneeling, laying down, crawling or climbing.

The patent says that if the baby is continually tossing or turning, the baby may be feeling some sort of discomfort such as feeling too hot or cold. The A.I. could automatically alert the baby's caregiver if he or she is facing any sort of discomfort.

The technology may also use an "eye state analysis" to check the babies' pupils to determine if the baby is awake or asleep.

The patent may be an expansion of Google's Nest security camera, according to Digital Trends.

Google has yet to make any public announcements about its futuristic baby monitors.