Transforming robot sub makes waves under water

  • Friday 02, August 2019 05:18 PM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: Scientists in Houston, U.S., have unveiled an underwater vehicle that can transform from a submarine shape to a robot with arms.
Aquanaut, tested in NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Texas, takes on a submarine-like appearance in autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) mode. It can then travel distances of up to 322km as it performs data collection, seabed mapping and structure inspection, its creators Houston Mechtronics say.

It can then transform into a remotely-operated vehicle (ROV). This means its head pitches up, the hull separates and two arms are revealed so it can manipulate its environment and perform tasks.

These include turning valves, using subsea tools, scanning structures and even performing dance moves, video released by the company shows.

It is also equipped with acoustic, optical, and laser-based vision systems.

Houston Mechtronics says the all-electric vehicle can also be controlled wirelessly. It hopes to deploy Aquanaut between October 2019 and March 2020.