The robot being trained to feed humans

  • Monday 15, April 2019 03:02 PM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: "Great, here we go". With these words a robot lets a researcher at the University of Washington know that he is about to be fed.
The need for technology like this robotic arm is obvious when you consider that one million adults in the U.S. need someone to help them eat.

This robotic arm has been developed at the University of Washington, and while the hardware itself is not new, the intelligence that's been added to it is.

The robotic arm has a pincer hand that can pick up a fork equipped with a pressure sensor to avoid injury.

A camera mounted on the robotic arm uses computer vision and machine-learning to recognize different pieces of fruit.

The camera learns to recognize the user's eyes, nose and most importantly their mouth, and can adapt when the person moves. It also follows verbal commands from the user.

The research team expects it to take years to perfect which they hope will be able to handle more than just solid pieces of fruit.