Cucumbers in a Range Rover: Hebron farmer sells produce in style

  • Saturday 11, July 2020 02:28 PM
  • Cucumbers in a Range Rover: Hebron farmer sells produce in style
Sharjah24 – AFP: Pilling boxes of fresh cucumber in his lavish Range Rover, Palestinian farmer Mahmoud Abu Moqdam hits the streets of Hebron to market his produce, parking on the side of the road while using the trunk of his jeep as a stand.
Moqdam produces around 150 boxes of cucumbers a day and sells them in cities across the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel.

But with the recently imposed coronavirus lockdown, boxes of his produce started to pile up and were in risk of spoilage, while his workers were left with no income.

He was left with not much choice but to ride his prized Range Rover and another 4x4 to market his produce in style in two different stalls in Hebron.

His current sales, however, are no match to pre-crisis levels, he explained. He still cannot sell most of his produce, and ends up distributing them for free to other people.

Before the pandemic, the price of a box of cucumber ranged between 30-45 shekels ($8.7-$13) depending on the type of the crop. Now, Moqdam sells a box at a price ranging from 10-25 shekels ($2.9-$7.25).

Palestinian officials rushed to re-instate lockdown measures recently following a rapid rise in coronavirus cases in several cities in the occupied West Bank.

The surge of cases pushed the Palestinian Authority (PA) to ban most public gatherings and impose a near-complete lockdown in the hard-hit West Bank city of Hebron.