Tom Hanks calls out people who don't wear masks

  • Tuesday 07, July 2020 09:34 AM
Sharjah 24 - Reuters: When it comes to the coronavirus, Hollywood star Tom Hanks has first-hand experience and some blunt advice for others. Hanks and his singer-songwriter wife Rita Wilson were two of the first high profile figures to contract coronavirus back in March.
"Whether or not we like it, we're all in this together, we're all affected by this so let's, at the very least there's a lot of stuff you can do beyond that," Hanks said during an interview. "But at the very least, three tiny things is in everybody's wheelhouse, if you choose to do them. Wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance. If you can't do that, ah, I don't have much respect for you."

The actor, who was promoting his new World War 2 film "Greyhound, added "If you drive a car, you've got to use your turn signal, not drive too fast and avoid pedestrians. Those are three things that should be pretty easy to do and COVID-19, if we social distance, wear a mask and wash our hands, we'll be able to get along so let's do that."

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on Hollywood. 'Greyhound', with its reported 50 million dollar budget, was postponed three times theatrically from March 22 to May 8 and finally June 12. Now the film is being released on new streaming site Apple TV+.

"Well it's heartbreaking," said Hanks. "This movie, it's mixed, it's shot, it's edited, it's all put together for a big, massive, immersive experience that can really only come out when you're in a movie theater with at least 100 other people and then all those people come out with 'Greyhound' in common. That's why you're in this business as well as I am because that experience is one of a kind, unique every time you go off and see it to see a motion picture. Alright. That's the truth but it's gone. It's absolutely gone. It doesn't exist."

However, Hanks believes it's still possible to watch the film as it was intended. "You can have an immersive experience watching 'Greyhound'. It's not the same as seeing it in a cinema - rats! But that's a new reality that everyone has to adhere to and we do know that streaming is here to stay, it's not going to go away. I miss the option of being able to go to a motion picture theater and seeing it. Thus is the realities of COVID-19 and we've got to roll with these punches."

Hanks wrote the screenplay of 'Greyhound', adapting it from the 1955 novel by C.S. Forester 'The Good Shepherd', about a naval officer embarking on his first wartime mission in World War Two.

'Greyhound' has been a hit with critics with an 80% rating on review aggregate website It is set to stream on Apple TV+ on July 10.