Glass melodies play at fingertips of Iraqi student

  • Wednesday 11, September 2019 06:57 AM
  • Glass melodies play at fingertips of Iraqi student
Sharjah24 - Reuters: Iraqi medical student, Sajad Mahmoud, used to play clarinets, flutes, guitars and lutes, but none played to his satisfaction. Only glass did.
The 23-year-old musician has turned a set of glass filled with different quantities of water into a musical instrument, popularly known as glass harp.

Self-taught Mahmoud started learning about the new instrument a year ago, collecting glass of certain shapes and origins, each to be used to produce a different tone.

After putting together the glasses and filling them with the right amount of water, he runs his fingertips on the rim, playing popular tunes.

Some records show that the technique of producing sound from water-filled glasses dates back to the 12th century in China and Persia, and later on in the 15th century it was played in Europe.

But glass music became more popular in the mid-18th century when the glass harmonica was invented.

Mahmoud's biggest dream has been always to introduce the rare instrument to average Iraqis.

He performed in front of the public last month as part of an annual festival in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, much to the enjoyment of the mostly-young audience.