A 'gang' of hairdressers offers haircuts to those in needs

  • Tuesday 10, September 2019 02:24 PM
Sharjah 24 – AFP: Leather jackets on the back and scissors in hand, the 'gang' of the Barber's Angels brings together hairdressers who use their free time to offer haircuts to people in need. They are not real bikers but adopt this look for fun - and to be noticed.
Tom, Customer of the Barber's Angels said, "For me it is important to look put-together, because we all have our self-confidence."

Roswita, Customer of the Barber's Angels also pointed out, "To get a haircut like that, it is interesting, when there is not enough money... because they are professional haidressers and we're always well taken care of here."

Commenting on this, Melanie, Hairdresser with the Barber's Angels has added "I've just explained to him (her customer) that I know very well how fast it can go when one loses one's footing (in society)."