North Korea holds sugar sculpture exhibition to mark birth anniversary of state’s founder

  • Sunday 15, April 2018 in 12:10 PM
Sharjah 24- Reuters: North Korea marked the 106th birth anniversary of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung on Thursday, April 12, with a sugar sculpture exhibition in Pyongyang.
Video provided to Reuters by North Korea's official news agency KCNA, which Reuters cannot independently verify, showed people looking around the 3rd Sweet and Biscuit Sculpture Show at Chongryu Restaurant, which opened on Tuesday , April 10. The exhibition featured sugar sculptures depicting gold carp, catfish, a tiger, fruit, flowers and characters from the Disney movie 'Lady and the Tramp.'
April 15th is Kim Il Sung's birthday and known as the "Day of Sun", which is the biggest holiday of the year in North Korea and has been marked with military parades, mass dances and performances. 
Kim Il Sung led his country from its founding in 1948, through the 1950-53 Korean War, until he died in 1994 when his son Kim Jong Il took over.