Tulip carpet covers Istanbul in a rainbow of colour

  • Sunday 15, April 2018 in 11:23 AM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: Red, yellow, white, pink and purple tulips carpeted a street in Istanbul on Thursday (April 12) as part of the annual International Istanbul Tulip Festival.
For the display near the Hagia Sophia Museum the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality brought together about 565 thousand tulips and arranged them to look like a Turkish motif.
Tulips hail originally from eastern Turkey and were cultivated by the Ottomans (people who lived during the Ottoman Empire), who took the flower to Constantinople (present-day Istanbul). 
The word "tulip" derives from the Turkish word tulbent, referring to a Sultan's turban head-dress, which the flower resembles in shape.
The first tulips were taken back to Europe, including the Netherlands, in the 1550s by an ambassador to the Ottoman Empire.
The festival which is in its thirteenth year, runs throughout April - and the 'tulip carpet' is expected to be in place until the close.