Jordanian woman takes bitterness out of pill with artwork

  • Tuesday 13, March 2018 in 11:23 AM
Sharjah24 – Retuers: Jordanian pharmacist, Ashjan Al-Naouri, was approached by a customer who had plenty of expired pills. Instead of throwing them away, she was inspired to use them for art.

Naouri used the pills and a broken piece of glass to create a portrait of a flower. Since then, Naouri used her artwork to spread awareness about the risks of consuming expired medication.

The pharmacist says she wants to make sure families properly discard expired drugs because of the potential harm they can cause, especially to children. 

She designed a lab coat out of painkillers and insulin needles to draw the attention of doctors and pharmacists to the importance of wearing the coat while handling chemicals. 

Another piece shows a gun shooting out a flower, which Naouri said she made to condemn the spike in deaths caused by celebratory gunfire during weddings.

Naouri says she has no intention of selling her artwork and that she only uses it to campaign for the causes she feels strongly about. 

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest industries in Jordan and is the second largest in export-based sectors, a government report said in 2015. 

Drug waste and the lack of good inventory management are regarded among the biggest challenges facing the industry, the report added.