Breakfast at Tiffany's: At long last, Fifth Avenue store opens a cafe

  • Monday 13, November 2017 in 10:09 AM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: A half-century after Audrey Hepburn starred in “Breakfast at Tiffany ‘s,” the landmark New York jewelry store is making the title of the 1961 romantic comedy film a reality by opening a cafe where shoppers can enjoy a morning meal.

The new eatery, is an opportunity for customers at Tiffany & Co’s Fifth Avenue flagship store, including foreign tourists who account for a big chunk of sales, to get a taste of the glamor epitomised by Hepburn’s Holly Golightly character.

Dressed in a black Givenchy dress and pearls, Hepburn made a fashion statement that Tiffany believes still resonates with shoppers.

Like many traditional retailers, Tiffany has struggled to appeal to younger shoppers, many of whom have shunned the type of traditional jewelry, such as solitaire engagement rings, that is the brand’s mainstay.

As part of its strategy to attract millennials, the company introduced the more contemporary Tiffany HardWear collection in an agreement with pop star Lady Gaga earlier this year.

The new Blue Box Cafe on the fourth floor of the Fifth Avenue store may help the brand recapture its buzz, too. It is designed for “customers who have always dreamed of having Breakfast at Tiffany,” the company said in a statement.