ERC offers food aid to residents of Adh Dhlia'ah, Yemen

  • Friday 18, May 2018 in 12:16 AM
Sharjah24-WAM: The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, on Thursday distributed urgent relief assistance to needy families in Adh Dhlia'ah District, Hadramaut Governorate, as part of the UAE’s ongoing support for Yemen and as per the directives of the wise leadership.
The aid, which coincides with the Holy Month of Ramadan, aims to support local families who are lacking basic supplies, because of the country’s deteriorating economic conditions that have increased their suffering. The ERC responded to their humanitarian calls by offering urgent relief assistance.
Ahmed Al Neyadi, Head of the ERC Team in Hadramaut, said that distributing the aid aims to answer the needs of local people and improve the lives of their families, who are suffering from difficult economic conditions, especially in the areas of services and humanitarian supplies.
He expressed the ERC’s keenness to continue executing these humanitarian projects and ensuring the relief assistance reaches all the needy citizens in the different districts of Hadramaut in the "Year of Zayed" in light of the conditions in Yemen and as an embodiment of the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity with them.
Al Neyadi asserted the ERC’s efforts to intensify its humanitarian presence in Yemen to support the people and help in restoring normalcy in their lives. He pointed out that the ERC answered the humanitarian calls of people in Adh Dhlia'ah city for food and service support.
The beneficiaries expressed their happiness with the food assistance provided by the UAE, which will help alleviate their suffering that is a result of the bad economic condition and disruption of sources of income. They also valued the ERC’s role in extending help to the Yemeni people in the different parts of the country.