MoFAIC launches competition to design gift from UAE to UN

  • Sunday 15, April 2018 in 12:19 PM
Sharjah 24 – WAM: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MoFAIC, has announced the launch of a national design competition to select the best design for a gift the UAE will present to the United Nations in New York, dubbed the "Gift of Zayed".
The nationwide competition is an opportunity for all Emirati nationals and residents in the UAE to submit artistic, exclusive, unique and authentic designs that symbolise the core purpose of the United Nations based on global unity and embody the country's rich cultural values in a creative and innovative manner.
In conjunction with the "Year of Zayed", the UAE will present two gifts to the UN, to go on display at the UN headquarters in New York and at the UAE's mission headquarters to the UN. The third winning artwork will be showcased at MofAIC premises.
The competition will give three participants (individuals/institutions/groups) the opportunity to show their artworks to the world and to receive specialised training in arts at one of the finest art schools and colleges in the world.
As part of diplomatic traditions, United Nations Member States present artworks to the UN, and these artworks are featured in the four UN buildings and headquarters. The gifts embody one of the main objectives of the world body, namely the unity of humanity in all its cultural diversity. In 2001, the UAE presented the UN with two sculptures.
Applicants who wish to take part in the competition must meet a several criteria and abide by a series of terms. Applicants must be Emirati citizens or UAE residents and they can only submit one design, representing a single individual, an entity or a group. The owner of the design must waive the design ownership, as well as all incumbent rights (including intellectual property) to MoFAIC. 
The participation criteria include completing the registration form fully, avoiding people-themed sculptures, refraining from plagiarising famous works of art, ensuring the artwork is an original and delivering a creative brief describing the artwork. The document should explain how the work relates to the core mission of the UN, list the materials used in the design, and include sketches depicting the artwork from at least four angles (front, side, rear, figurative). 
If the design is selected, the artwork must be delivered to the ministry along with the signed ownership certificate of said artwork and the signed acknowledgement to transfer the ownership of the artwork to MoFAIC.
Applicants must apply and register online. Requests for registration, forms and information must be sent to the following e-mail ([email protected]). The ministry will examine the designs submitted and respond to participants (selection or rejection). If the design is selected, participants must implement it and submit it to the ministry in its final form no later than 1st July, 2018.
The ministry will shortlist 10 designs and give the owners of these designs the opportunity to present their designs to the jury. The United Nations committee will select three winners. The owners of the artworks that make it to the finals will have the opportunity to visit the UN headquarter and to attend a reception hosted by the UAE on the sidelines of the 73rd United Nations General Assembly.