Over 20,000 Houthi-planted mines cleared by UAE in eight months

  • Wednesday 14, March 2018 in 2:12 PM
Sharjah 24 – WAM: The Iranian-backed Houthi militias’ use of banned anti-personnel landmines in Yemen has triggered thousands of civilian casualties, wanton violence and bloodshed, a three-month field investigation by the Emirates News Agency, WAM, has revealed.

The Houthi forces have used landmines since the pro-legitimacy Saudi-led Arab coalition started its military operations to liberate the country from the coup perpetrators, killing, injuring and maiming thousands of civilians.

WAM, across a period of three months, accompanied specialist UAE de-mining teams working within the UAE Armed Forces."The de-mining squads have cleared more than 20,000 mines and explosives over the past eight months across different parts of the Red Sea Coast," a de-mining expert told WAM.

Up to 65 Yemeni volunteers have been trained by the UAE Armed Forces to de-mine the suspected areas, he added, noting that 90 percent of the explosives are Iranian-made and patterned after the Russian TM-57 mine, in addition to other types of explosives similar to 'Keller'.

These mines take different shapes, including rocks in mountainous areas, or dunes, which are mostly Iranian-made in addition to anti-tank and anti- personnel mines and booby-traps that are maliciously planted, not to mention the naval explosives.