Arab Coalition supports Hadramaut Elite Forces in controlling entries to Wadi Al Masini

  • Wednesday 14, February 2018 in 11:29 PM
Sharjah 24 – WAM: The pro-legitimacy forces in Yemen, through the Hadramaut Elite forces, and supported by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces and UAE Forces, managed to enter Wadi Al Masini and controlled the entry points leading to the coast, which are considered key strongholds of the Al Qaeda in Hadramaut.
Military sources have said that the Hadramaut Elite Forces spread on a large scale and developed a number of military barriers to cut off the road to the Valley area before Al Qaeda militants amid a military air coverage.

A military source added that the legitimacy forces are getting ready to launch a comprehensive operation to get rid of Al Qaeda forces on all the areas used by the terrorist organisation in launching acts of terror  to destabilise the country.