Gulf States adopt an Emirati specification for electric vehicles

  • Monday 13, November 2017 in 12:46 PM
Sharjah24: The Gulf States adopted the draft of the UAE regulations for electric vehicles two weeks ago. The GCC Standardization Organization, is currently preparing the draft of GCC regulations according to the UAE project in this regard, Abdullah Almaeeni, Director General of the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA), announced that.

The Gulf project was based on the positive aspects of the UAE regulation, especially the extensive studies conducted on the safety and general performance of the electric vehicle, the nature of its adaptation to the weather conditions in the Gulf region, He added.

The duration of battery charge and the performance of these batteries in winter and summer, as "ESMA" were established through this UAE regulation for a new phase of environmentally friendly methods, supportive of the national economy. Almaeeni said.

"The UAE's efforts in this regard reflect the vision of the wise leadership in an effort to meet the benefits of the national agenda announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sustainable environment, quality of life for citizens, residents and visitors.

State adoption and support for future industries, and development of business models to suit their requirements, the main objective of these standards is to protect the environment from pollution, carbon emissions and harmful emissions, support the national economy and provide new sources of growth and meet the UAE'S strategy towards eco-friendly concepts and support systems for innovation. He added.

The adoption of the UAE regulations at the GCC level is due to similar climatic conditions in the GCC countries, Accidents and precautionary requirements, as well as the existence of a card showing the driver performance of the electric vehicle and the period of charging and effectiveness, and the extent of the vehicle withstand extreme weather conditions, especially in the summer. He said.

Al Maeeni confirmed that ESMA is establishing a new phase at the federal level in the UAE to facilitate the availability and circulation of smart, electric, hybrid and hydrogen cell vehicles in the country markets at competitive prices to consumers through coordination and with major vehicle manufacturers.

Smart, electrical, hybrids and hydrogen cell compounds enhance the idea of ​​reducing emissions harmful to public health and the environment, the contribution of these compounds to air pollution is about 35% lower than the traditional gasoline and diesel, Through the Commission, and other similar cases in some developed countries around the world. He noted.

"We are working on a federal formula to address all obstacles to the infrastructure of electric vehicles, hybrids operating with electricity and traditional fossil fuels, and we are proceeding in parallel with the cooperation of federal and local authorities to standardize safety in these vehicles. He added.

Last week, the third edition of the Future Mobility Conference and Exhibition, which saw the world's largest international brainstorm, was held in Dubai, and was attended by dozens of producers and experts in smart, electrical and hybrid vehicles worldwide.

ESMA, as well as the adoption of standards to protect consumers from products that have a negative impact on public health and environment, and raise the quality of life indicators in the country in general, contribute to the national economy by new patterns and activities, and also create new investment opportunities for production and marketing companies in several sectors at the UAE level.