UAE an ideal travel destination in terms of perfect service and infrastructure

  • Friday 13, October 2017 in 5:06 PM
Sharjah 24 – WAM: The top players of the Russian tourist market said the major factor driving up the demand for UAE tours is the abolition of entry visas for Russian citizens that came into effect last February.

According to the tour operator, since then the sales of tours to the UAE have doubled, still showing a positive growth dynamics.

The 12th Annual Congress of Natalie Tours’ managers started up in Dubai, bringing together over two hundred CEOs and owners of Russian travel agencies, who have shown the best sales performance in the UAE destination during this year.

Currently, the share of Natalie Tours’ customers in the total flow of Russian tourists travelling to the UAE exceeds 15 percent, and this indicator ranks Natalie Tours as number one travel agency for the UAE destination. According to the results of the past winter season, the United Arab Emirates were in first place in the company’s sales structure, accounting for 43 percent in the revenue distribution and for 37 percent in the total number of serviced customers.
While opening the Managers’ Congress, Vladimir Vorobyev, President of the company, said that Natalie Tours planned to "at least double" these indicators.

He also mentioned that currently the UAE ranked second among the world’s most safe countries (according to the data provided by the World Economic Forum), and, given the realities of our present-day world, this criterion frequently determines the choice of travel destination, especially in case of family vocations with children.

In his opening speech at the three-day event, Vorobyev also referred to the rapid development of UAE hotel base and the focus of the country’s authorities on boosting the flow of Russian tourists. The speaker observed that all necessary grounds have been laid for the major increase in Natalie Tours’ sales targets – the excellent relations with hotels and airline partners, close cooperation with travel officers and with one of the world’s top host companies, the development of UAE hotel base and hospitality industry and the country’s authentic interest in increasing the flow of Russian tourists. "But, most importantly, the UAE," added the President of Natalie Tours, "are an ideal travel destination in terms of quality-price ratio, given the short flight period, absence of via constrains, perfect service and infrastructure".