Ministry of Culture launches residency programme for artists in centres across the UAE

  • Thursday 12, October 2017 in 11:50 AM
Sharjah24 – WAM: Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, has reiterated his ministry's support for artists and creative Emirati talent through a range of large scale initiatives, the latest of which will provide artists 'in-house' residencies at ministry centres across the country.

The Artist In-Residence Programme, which was launched by Sheikh Nahyan at the Blue Hall Arts Centre in New York University Abu Dhabi yesterday, will use the help of experts from international cultural institutions to turn the centres, which are based in Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Ras al-Khaimah, into year-long creativity hubs. 

Speaking during the launch, Sheikh Nahyan said that the programme will provide an environment that encourages creativity, innovation and dialogue among artists, and where they can share experiences and develop their talents. 

"A number of creative artists will be chosen to stay in the centres for a specific period of time. The ministry will provide them with the necessary facilities and financial support to motivate their creativity, innovation and achievements," the minister said. 

"This will also provide participants with an atmosphere that will help implement and develop their ideas and innovations into successful projects," Sheikh Nahyan added. On the sidelines of the launch, the ministry, represented by Afra Al Sabri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, signed an agreement of cooperation with NYU Abu Dhabi, which was represented by Dr. Alfred Bloom, Vice Chairman, as part of combined efforts to strengthen collaboration, boost knowledge exchange and enhance cooperation in the fields of art, culture and knowledge development in the UAE. 

Under the terms of the agreement, the two sides will work on artistic and intellectual activities. The planned joint activities, projects, conferences, symposia and training courses will seek to promote national identity and cultural and community development. 

The agreement also includes cooperation and coordination with the university's arts centre to promote and support all aspects of cultural events, including music, theatre, poetry, cinema, and family festivals, such as the Barzakh Festival of World Music. 

"This collaboration, which receives direct support from Sheikh Nahyan, marks the beginning of a true partnership with NYU Abu Dhabi in all fields related to the development of culture and knowledge," said Al Sabri. 

She noted that the ministry strives to promote partnerships with various institutions to achieve its strategic objectives and the country's leadership's vision for sustainable cultural and knowledge development. 

During his speech at the signing, Alfred Bloom said, "The arts are a central component of excellence of NYU Abu Dhabi across our educational programmes, research, engagement and community outreach. They inspire understanding of the complexity and beauty of the human creative spirit, open roads to deeper appreciation of individual and cultural differences, and lead to a clearer recognition of how much we share as human beings in our ideals as to what constitutes a better world, and in our shared resolve to move towards such a world." 

"Given our own embrace of the arts, we are particularly honoured to partner with the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development to deepen and broaden the engagement with the arts across the UAE," he concluded.