12,000 volunteers apply for ‘Translation Challenge’

  • Thursday 21, September 2017 in 8:10 PM
Sharjah 24 – WAM: Some 12,000 volunteers from 29 countries have applied for the 'Translation Challenge', which is the first phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid project for Arabic e-learning, launched by Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed launched the 'Translation Challenge', which aims to translate into Arabic some 5,000 educational videos on science and mathematics, comprising more than 11 million words in one year, by inviting specialists, translators, researchers, students, journalists and anybody who can contribute to this challenge. The UAE considers these educational material to be important links to the development of civilisation.
This project is considered to be the first step towards providing educational material in Arabic to all the students, from kindergarten until the 12th grade, to support and encourage them to study the subjects that are considered to be the base for all scientific specialisations.
The interests of the volunteers were varied, with 53 percent of them interested in translation, 20.8 percent in providing voice-overs, 15.5 percent in providing media support, and 10.8 percent in video editing.
As far as the gender of the volunteers is concerned, 44 percent of them were women while the rest were men.
Some 20 percent of the volunteers were from Egypt, followed by 13.2 percent from the UAE, 13 percent from Saudi Arabia, 11.7 percent from Algeria and 7.6 percent from Morocco.
Among the volunteers, 43.6 percent had a bachelor’s degree, while the remaining were holders of MAs, high school degrees, diplomas and PhD.
This project is considered to be among the leading projects in the region and the world, as it would contribute to providing a comprehensive and integrated educational content in science and mathematics, covering various educational phases, from nursery until the 12th grade, sourcing from several exceptional educational curricula, as per the best scientific standards.