Lubna Al Qasimi: Family values and education are vital to spread the message of tolerance

  • Wednesday 30, November 2016 in 12:24 PM
  • Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, Minister of State for Tolerance
Sharjah 24 – WAM: Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, Minister of State for Tolerance, has said that the government of the United Arab Emirates believes that it is time to put together a national programme for tolerance, not just for the UAE, but for the whole community that can send a strong message to the region.

Recognised by Forbes magazine, as one of the most powerful women in world, Sheikha Lubna spoke to Newsweek Middle East on the sidelines of a November 16th gathering of diplomats and officials from 150 nations in the capital Abu Dhabi on the International Day of Tolerance, saying that all religions ask people to be merciful, to be kind, and to be tolerant.

"The language of all religions does not advocate wars and hatred, and people who are doing this are the radicals. We need to make sure that our children everywhere in the world are immune," she added. 

In an exclusive interview with Newsweek Middle East magazine, she said, "Sometimes I think it is mind-boggling when all of a sudden you find a teenager who left home because he wanted to fight in Syria, and you think what have I done to my child? Why would a child become like this?" 

According to the Minister, family values and education are vital in facilitating the spread of the message of tolerance anywhere. But what is more important "is the proper understanding of the tone of religion".

Al Qasimi believes that all religions carry in them "value and mercy," and it is in fact those who misinterpret and politicise religious teachings are the ones who convey the wrong message about its core values. 

The UAE, according to the minister, is a sociological phenomenon, with millions of people from as many as 200 nationalities living and working together peacefully, despite the country being situated in a region marred by bloody armed conflicts, instability and misery.

Sheikha Lubna said, "In these days, we see ourselves in an ocean of turmoil around us here in the Middle East, and worldwide where the language of negativity, intolerance and hate is rising. The government of the United Arab Emirates believes that it is time for us to put together a national programme for tolerance – not just for us but for the whole community. That can send a strong message also for the region." 

“Perhaps it is the sense of responsibility towards its youth and future generations, and the fact that all human beings "have a moral responsibility" to coexist, that pushes the UAE and the minister to push forward the message of tolerance,” explained Minister Al Qasimi.

To set up a programme and an agenda to promote tolerance, Al Qasimi said that her team consulted with everyone, from diplomats to resident communities, the churches, the office of Islamic Affairs, and the minsters, among others. "I reiterate, this programme is not about me or my ministry – this programme is about what people gave me to manage and to run and to fulfill this wish," she stressed.

"And to those who have hatred, negativity or conflict in their hearts, the minister advises them to practice meditation. I think people who carry feelings of negativity, they need to meditate. They need to amend their hearts by pushing themselves back to human nature. I don't think God made us in this universe to hate others. We are here equal in this universe. We are not born to hate," said Al Qasimi.