American University of Sharjah students elect new student council

  • Wednesday 13, May 2020 04:20 PM
  • American University of Sharjah students elect new student council
Sharjah24: After 3 days of intense online campaigning, students at American University of Sharjah (AUS) recently elected their new student council members for the 2020-2021 academic year. Held online for the 1st time due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, the election saw more students cast their votes this year than in previous elections.
Thirty-seven students, including individual and team nominees, competed for the 14 positions on the student council. Nominees carried out virtual campaigns for 3 days on social media. This involved videos, photos, ideas and initiatives compiled by the candidates.

Organised by the AUS Office of Student Affairs, the platform for the virtual elections was set up with help of the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis. The voting took place on May 6 with Marwan Alahmed emerging as the new president.

The newly elected members of the AUS Student Council are the Executive Board, including President: Marwan Alahmed; Vice President: Mariam Faour; Vice President for Public Relations: Tala Al Otaibi; Executive Secretary and Office Director: Zain Hussein ;Treasurer: Nour Elhouda Nouar, and the Community Outreach Committee, including Events and Activities Coordinator: Noora Alhadi; Athletics and Sports Coordinator: Lina Saeed;Communications and Media Coordinator: Sahar Bokhary ,Student Organisations and Campus Services Coordinator: Khaled Elkersh; Board of Colleges, Schools and Academic Programs Representatives; College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Representative: Roa Daher; College of Architecture, Art and Design (CAAD) Representative: Noor Hamdan; School of Business Administration (SBA) Representative: Haya Alshamsi ;College of Engineering (CEN) Representative: Layla Khanfar, and Achievement Academy Representative: Noor Alawadi.

Talking about the elections, Alahmed, president-elect and a mechanical engineering major, said: “Although we were not physically present at the university to experience the excitement and thrill of the elections due to COVID-19, AUS did an excellent job in adapting to the circumstances and providing us with a brilliant alternative. This year, the campaigning methods were all through social media. Online campaigning inspired creativity and fairness as it eliminated the cost factor, which encouraged more students to run individually. We missed, of course, the physical presence and face-to-face interactions with the students.”

He added:“It was an honour having Dr. Lisa Moscaritolo, Vice Provost of Student Life, reveal the results through Instagram Live. This added suspense and excitement and compensated for the lack of physical presence. I believe that much can be learned from this experience and implemented in future elections.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Lisa Moscaritolo, Vice Provost for Student Life, has also pointed out: “During this unusual time, we have developed various methods that are in line with the university’s and the UAE government’s guidelines in implementing student activities. For the first time ever, the Student Council election was conducted virtually. We are pleased to see that this new method of virtual elections boosted student participation more than ever. Compared to last year, there was a significant increase in voting, with almost 50 percent of the student body casting its votes. As we adapt to these challenging times, we are working hard to keep our students engaged in extracurricular activities. It is our aim to continue to offer uninterrupted student services and activities that are in harmony with and complement our students’ remote learning experience. Congratulations to our newly elected team and I wish them a productive year ahead.”