UoS exhibition showcases students’ skills in using technologies

  • Tuesday 10, December 2019 10:02 AM
  • UoS exhibition showcases students’ skills in using technologies
Sharjah24: The Department of Architectural Engineering at the University of Sharjah’s College of Engineering organised the annual exhibition of architectural designs and graduate projects for the Department's students during the academic year.
Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, inaugurated the Exhibition in the attendance of Mr. Majid Al-Jarwan, Vice Chancellor for Public Relations, along with Prof. Ahmed Al-Shama'a, Dean of the College of Engineering; Prof. Abbas Elmualim, Head of the Department of Architectural Engineering; and faculty members of the Department and College.

The Exhibition included approximately 35 architectural designs prepared by students of the Department of Architectural Engineering starting from their first year and their development into graduation projects. The designs from the various academic stages highlighted the extent of students' mastery of using modern specialised technologies and programs in the production of their projects. It also demonstrated accuracy in building design technically, providing engineering solutions for construction, air conditioning, and firefighting, while relying on sustainable environmental materials. They also incorporated the architectural styles of heritage buildings in the United Arab Emirates.

The work presented this year is characterized by taking into account climate change and global warming to preserve the surrounding environment through the use of building materials that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the environment. They took into account all the requirements and standards of sustainability in design and construction, as well as using alternative sources of renewable and sustainable energy, especially in educational buildings. In addition to relying in all of these designs on augmented reality technology through the use of digital design and virtual reality programs as a stage in the design of digital architecture.

The projects varied between designs of public parks that meet all the requirements of park visitors from umbrellas, entertainment places, parks, and green spaces, as well as designing residential towers using new materials in construction such as wood while taking into account all housing needs. The Exhibition also presented design models for nursing homes for the elderly, and desert tourism with designs for buildings that take into account the environment and preserve it. In addition to many designs related to educational buildings and agriculture in urban areas.