UoS launches 2nd Professional Diploma for Chinese Students

  • Tuesday 10, September 2019 02:38 PM
  • UoS launches 2nd Professional Diploma for Chinese Students
Sharjah 24: His Excellency the Chancellor of the University of Sharjah Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy welcomed 17 students from Xi’an International University in the Republic of China in the attendance of Prof. Radhi Al Zubaidi, Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development. The students are enrolled in the second edition of the Professional Diploma in Arabic Language and Islamic Culture for Chinese Students.
The Chancellor welcomed the students and expressed his joy in their presence at the University of Sharjah as well as the launch of the second edition of the Professional Diploma program. He proceeded to give a brief about the University of Sharjah in terms of the number of colleges, institutions, centers, branches, as well as academic and professional development programs. This in addition to the multiculturalism of the University of Sharjah’s community.

He stressed that the University will work to integrate the Chinese students with the University students either inside the residences or during the study, and assured the students that the University facilities such as libraries, services, academic support and social support offices in the two deanships will be available to them during their studies.

For his part, Prof. Radhi Al Zubaidi gave a summary of the program, which starts with the beginning of the current semester and is completed at the end of the next semester. The study schedule will be 4 days a week, an average of 5 hours a day, in addition to spending a day a week in the University libraries. The program is based on classroom and non-classroom training and workshops. The program will also focus on Islamic culture.