Big turnout for Master of Arts in Judicial Studies at ZU

  • Tuesday 10, September 2019 12:48 PM
  • Big turnout for Master of Arts in Judicial Studies at ZU
Sharjah24: Zayed University (ZU) has revealed tuition fee discounts to listed groups of graduates from UAE based government and private entities, to continue their Masters of Arts in Judicial Studies (MAJS), as per recently signed memorandums of understanding.
Approved by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the program which started back in 2008, provides participants with the latest developments in the field of law and judicial administration to improve skills and to equip students with the knowledge and competencies necessary for successful handling and dealing with judicial administration in public and private law.

Dr. Emam Attallah, Associate Professor - Chair of Legal Studies Department, said that the University proudly announced that 17 Emirati students (12.males – 5.females) have completed their Masters of Arts in Judicial Studies (MAJS) requirements and have graduated recently as the 10th Zayed University batch”. Currently, the program’s three active batches (batch 13 in Abu Dhabi and batch 14 divided into two groups in Abu Dhabi and Dubai), while the eleventh and twelfth batches are preparing to discuss their graduation research papers requirements before the end of the current semester.

"All of our registered students are actually employed in different judicial and government bodies across the UAE. They have joined our program to advance their skills and improve practices in that field to rank up their current occupational status and seek higher positions," he said.

More than 50 Emirati students, enrolled at the current semester, are expected to graduate within the coming year. "ZU admissions offices received high registration rates from GCC citizens, notably from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, because of its pleasant reputation it enjoys in the Arab Region,” Attallah said.

As a result of the program's noted successes over the past years, Zayed University Graduate Studies Deanship has enrolled additional highly qualified academics to advance the program into the next level, and furthermore, decided to include classes in Dubai’s campus during the current semester 2019-2020. Attallah noted that "High demands from the students in the Northern Emirates advised to pursue the expansion, to unburden those traveling all the way from Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, or even Dubai, especially as the course is usually taught in the evening."

Throughout the two-year program, students gain access to court houses and prosecutors, criminal evidence departments, police departments, crime scene management departments, and many other related bodies.

The program focuses on the practical aspects rather than theoretical knowledge, "It is necessary for our students to visit different related departments and entities when relating to the cases they receive, they even sometimes visit the Central Bank, Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority."