Neanderthals hunted marine life

  • Monday 30, March 2020 01:06 PM
Sharjah 24 - Reuters: Research published in the journal Science has found that Neanderthals living on the coast of Portugal ate a variety of seafood.
This is contrary to the thinking that humans were unique in their ability to hunt for marine life

Citing the research, the BBC reports that Neanderthals were found to have eaten sharks, dolphins, mussels, crabs, eels, sea bream, seals and some sea birds. Food from marine resources is thought to have made up half of the Neanderthal diet. The rest is said to consist of ancient cattle, horse, deer, goat and tortoise.

It is believed that humans developed their creativity and cognition from eating the brain-enhancing fats of marine life.

Research from earlier this year found evidence that suggested Neanderthals living in a cave in Italy used to dive for shellfish. It is thought that they used the shellfish not only for food, but for making tools as well.