'Broken Heart' syndrome linked to the brain, study finds

  • Wednesday 06, March 2019 01:40 PM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: A new study published in the European Heart Journal says that the brain might be linked to broken heart syndrome.
Also known as takotsubo syndrome, a broken heart is often caused by shock usually after a stressful or emotional event.

The syndrome has similar symptoms to a heart attack such as breathlessness and chest pain, according to the study.

The study goes on to suggest that an increase of stress hormones could be linked to the broken heart syndrome.

The researchers looked at brain scans of 15 patients with broken heart and found decreased connectivity between the limbic system, which processes emotions, and the autonomic nervous system which controls breathing and heartbeat.

Jelena Ghadri, a researcher involved with the study, was quoted by the BBC as saying "Emotions are processed in the brain so it is conceivable that the disease originates in the brain with top-down influences on the heart."

According to the BBC, it could take weeks, days or even months for the heart muscle to recover from the syndrome.