The UoS Chancellor meets with staff members and awards the distinguished employees

  • Wednesday 16, May 2018 in 1:24 PM
Sharjah24: Within the framework of the University of Sharjah’s (UoS) keenness on creating the best working conditions, Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University met with its administrative and technical staff members and awarded the distinguished employees. Attending the meeting were the UoS vice chancellors, college deans, administrative and centers directors, and department heads.
In his speech, the Chancellor welcomed the attendees and congratulated them on the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, and stressed the significance of the role played by all of the UoS employees and educational institutions in supporting the educational process. He added that a career tied with educating and sharing knowledge and understanding is the noblest of professions, and continued, pointing out that the University not only provides its services to its students, but always seeks to serve the community.  
Prof. Al Naimiy stressed the importance of fostering a one-family work approach that seeks to serve the visions of the University. He addressed the desire of His Highness Sheilkh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, President of the University, to take care of administrative and technical staff and faculty members to ensure the advancement of a supportive academic environment that benefits the educational process. He also reaffirmed the University’s commitment to work with an open policy and listen to, and implement where possible, the suggestions and requests of its employees. He added that the University of Sharjah opens its doors and provides opportunities for all those pursuing postgraduate studies in the master’s and PhD programs offered at the University. 
The Chancellor of the University ended his remarks by thanking a number of the University’s departments for their outstanding performance and commitment during the past academic year such as the Media Center, the Libraries, and the Admission and Registration departments.
In his remarks addressing the University staff members, Dr. Salah Taher Al Haj, Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, discussed the criteria for the “Distinguished Employee” award, and the process of screening the candidates and selecting the winners. He stressed the significance of this award in motivating staff members to continuously improve their work performance and urged them to keep participating in this award in the upcoming years.
During the annual meeting, members of the Social Media Committee were thanked and awarded for their excellent work and dedication for creating a distinct identity and policy for the University of Sharjah on social media platforms. The members awarded were Mr. Majid Al-Jarwan, Vice Chancellor for Public Relations; Dr. Shareefa Al-Marzooqi, Director of the Media Center; Ms. Anissa Bettayeb, Head of Academic Computing Services; Ms. Shaikha Burafeeah, Head of the Design Section at the Media Center; Mr. Osama Elkady; Ms. Radwa Alblooshi; and Ms. Mashael Al Abed.
This was followed by announcing the names of the winners in the third round of the “Distinguished Employee” Award for the Academic Year 2017-2018. The winners from the administrative and technical staff category were: Hala Al Humeiri, Marifa Al Ketbi, Sarah Tabouch, Amna Shemal, and Zeinab Ahmed Hussain. From the supporting unit category, the winners were Sheikha Al-Khamis, Haroun Rashid, and Fayrouz Abdulhussein. 
 Administrative and technical staff members who have obtained their PhD at the University of Sharjah during the past year were also honored during the meeting and they were Dr. Abdulrahman Al Hashimi, Dr. Madou Sylla, and Dr. Abdul Baqi El Faki. 
The annual administrative and technical staff meeting with the Chancellor of the University also included recognition of the retiring and new employees at the University as well as a special tribute and award to the recently departed Mr. Salim Al Amri.