Students from across UAE compete for honours at computing competition at AUS

  • Sunday 15, April 2018 in 6:05 PM
Sharjah 24: More than a 120 school students from across the UAE, vied for top honors at the AUS-du School Computing Competition (AdSCC) held at American University of Sharjah (AUS) Sunday, April 15.
Organised by the College of Engineering (CEN) along with the university’s Office of Enrollment Management (OEM), the competition saw students from 14 schools compete in five different categories. 
The aim of the competition was to promote computer science and engineering and pave the way for school students to excel in advanced sciences and technology. 
Speaking about the event, Dr. Fadi Aloul, Professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, said: “It was a pleasure to see the enthusiasm and keen interest with which all the students participated in the competition. It has always been our aim at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering to engage and instill a sense of curiosity among young students and show them the wonders of innovation and technology and how it impacts their lives. Competitions such as these help develop their interest in computer science and prepare them for pursuing this subject at the university level.”
A large audience comprising students, faculty members, school officials attended the event and supported their respective teams which were competing for top prizes in the Poster Contest (for grades 4—6), Presentation Contest (for grades 7—9), Computer Programming (for grades 10—12), Mobile App Development, and Web Development.
After an exciting and hard-fought competition, the following schools won the top slots in their respective categories:
Posters – Grade 4-6
First place: Pros and cons of mobile phones for kids – Sharjah American International School, Sharjah.
Second place: Power Rangers Team – Liwa International School-Girls, Al Ain.
Third place: Al Mawakeb School–Girls, Al-Barsha, Dubai.
Presentations – Grade 7-9
First place: Al Mawakeb School, Al-Barsha, Dubai.
Second place: Dubai International School–Al Quoz, Dubai.
Third place: Al Mawakeb School Al Garhoud, Dubai.
Mobile Apps – Grade 10-12
First place: Smart Kitchen System (S.K.S Team) – Al Shola Private School, Sharjah.
Second place: Awesome Trios Team – Liwa International School-Girls, Al Ain.
Third place: Super Triplets Team -- Liwa International School-Boys, Al Ain.
Web Development – Grade 10-12
First place: Al Shola Private School, Sharjah
Second place: Liwa International School-Boys, Abu Dhabi.
Third place: International Community School, Abu Dhabi.
Programming – Grade 10-12
First place: Dubai International School–Boys—Al Quoz, Dubai
Second place: Dawha School, Sharjah
Third place: Manarat Al Sharjah School, Sharjah
Sponsored by du, the competition was an initiative by the AUS Sharakah Programme. It was organised Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Ali, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering; Dr. Tamer Shanableh, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering; Dr. Fadi Al Aloul; and Hala Al-Jundi, Executive Assistant, OEM; and was judged by faculty and staff members of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at AUS.
Schools from around the country that took part in AdSCC included: Victoria English School, Sharjah; Al Durrah International School, Sharjah; Al Shola School, Sharjah; Al Maarifa International School—Al Yarmouk, Sharjah; Manarat Al Sharjah School, Sharjah; Al Nahda National School, Sharjah; Ras Al Khaimah American Academy for Girls (RAKAAG), Ras Al Khaimah; Al Mawakeb Al Barsha, Dubai; Al Mawakeb Al Garhoud, Dubai; Dubai International School—Al Quoz Branch, Dubai; Sharjah American International School, Dubai; Liwa International School, Abu Dhabi; International Community School, Abu Dhabi; and Dawha School—Al Azra, Sharjah.
The successful competition was another reflection of the emphasis AUS places on its engagement with the community and its commitment to inculcating interest in and providing the best STEM subjects offerings for students in the region.