SCASS: “How Asteroid Day Will Save the World”

  • Wednesday 14, March 2018 in 11:01 AM
Sharjah24: With the aim of raising awareness and educating students and the public about asteroids and the threats they pose to Earth, the Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences (SCASS) organised a lecture: “How Asteroid Day Will Save the World” by Dr. Grigorji Richters, director, producer, and co-founder of “Asteroid Day,” which is annually celebrated on June 30th.

The lecture introduced “Asteroid Day” and addressed the measures we can take to protect Earth from possible space threats such as asteroid collisions and space debris as well as the current options and technologies for asteroid collision prevention. 

There are, for instance, telescopes in space that work to locate asteroids on course for Earth. Scientists are also actively conducting experiments on asteroid deflection technologies. 

Asteroid Day” is a global event observed annually and aims to raise awareness about asteroids and the measures and efforts taken to protect Earth and its inhabitants from possible collisions. “Asteroid Day” also seeks to encourage people to protect Earth and take action by helping in raising awareness and funding research on, and missions for testing technologies for detecting and deflecting asteroids. SCASS is partaking in raising awareness about “Asteroid Day” and the risks of asteroid collisions and other space debris in the UAE. The center is accomplishing this through various projects such as the UAE Meteor Monitoring Network (UAEMMN) sponsored by the UAE Space Agency with Dr. Ilias Fernini, SCASS’s Deputy General Director of the Research Laboratories and Observatory, as the main principal investigator. Dr. Ilias is also the UAE’s “Asteroid Day” coordinator.