Germany bars fans from matches till at least end of October

  • Tuesday 11, August 2020 07:28 AM
  • Germany bars fans from matches till at least end of October
Sharjah24 – Reuters: Germany agreed on Monday to extend a ban for spectators in stadiums at Bundesliga soccer matches until at least the end of October due to the coronavirus pandemic, authorities said.
The Bundesliga season restarted in mid-May after a suspension of more than two months, becoming the first European league to resume under strict rules to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The German Football League (DFL) had hoped authorities would accept an updated proposal to allow fans in stadiums again under certain conditions.

But the health ministers of Germany's federal and 16 state governments rejected the proposal, pointing to rising numbers of coronavirus infections, the health ministry of the state of Berlin said.

"In particular, local health authorities are currently focused on contact tracing, the school start and the return of holidays travellers," it said.

As other major events in Germany remained banned until the end of October, the ministers agreed that no exception could be made for soccer matches, adding that their decision would not be revisited before autumn.