Sharjah’s Innovation Week shows many events at the University City Hall

  • Thursday 14, February 2019 in 2:09 PM
Sharjah24: Following a series of successful events at the University City Hall, on the 6th day, before the last 7th day of the Sharjah’s Week of Innovation, with the attendance of Sheikh Salem Bin Abdul Rahman Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Sharjah Ruler’s Office on Wednesday morning welcomed at the event.
The 6th day was also attended by great numbers of people, students from different schools & universities and parents.
Today’s innovation showcases began this Wednesday to continue spread culture of innovation and ideas, meanwhile many workshops have been organised on this special day before the final
the topics and discussions addressed here in workshops were relevant to innovations and youth participation from different ages.
At the event, the Block Chain Center, by Dr. Marwan Alzorouni, CEO of OTC Supply, initially he interviewed the attendees with a picture of a brick to motivate their inner state of mind questions, a concrete block was shown, yet people began their guessing, even some went far to suggest building..etc. The conducive question led the people understand that first we want creative minds and the second thing we look for what we use the brick for.
Dr Marwan through this simple question, he took the people to conceive the concept of the blockchain technology in connection  with the bitcoin, elaborating that a blockchain might not look different from things were are familiar with, with a blockchaing, a lot of us can write entries into a record of information with regards to the community of users and control how the record of information is amended and updated, simply the differences that make blockchain technology unique become more clear, especially when we capture the picture such as “blockchain is a distributed, decentralised and public ledger”, in other words, he simplified the understanding by explaining that a chain of blocks is actually to mean digital information as the block stored in a public database (the chain). From view points of transaction, Dr Marwan explained that the blockchain simply to say it is a digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not only financial transactions but virtually everything of value be controlled by a single entity and has no a single point of failures. 
The people at the workshop got learned about the key features of blockshcain that can be helpful for financial institutions, speaking namely about the feature of decentralisation which allows people to skip the approval period of banking and financial institution and transact directly with no need to any mediators, and the feature transparency which allows the people in the network to easily view the entries in the ledger and making tracking easy, and feature of time stamping through the distributed ledger technology and this chronological ledger can handle any change or alteration to easily deciphered, besides, the technology ensuring financial security, and prevention of fraud, he briefed.
Dr. Marwan concluded the session by highlighting the causes of the  economic crises, explaining that blockchains help much to flow money and tackle and prevent any financial crises, if only we analyse the key features of this technology which prove to be helpful for the banks and other financial institutions, as the world in 2008 undergone the biggest bankruptcies of all time, Lehman Sachs declared bankruptcy and it every thing spread across the globe, most of the nation’s economy was disrupted leaving to the high rate attrition and closure of companies, yet, as Dr elaborated since blockchain offers transparency and easy traceability, many banking financial and auditing companies are looking forward to adopt this technology, bearing in mind that the financial crises of 2008 with a disastrous impact on the business of the world, definitely the main reason responsible for this was lack of transparency, verifying that blockchain is fit to effectively handling the problem due its highly platform of transparency and traceability and surely will authorities much to trace the cash flow easily and find out areas of discrepancies evade any potential dilemma.
At the Tolerance Hall, for the 6th day events at the University City Hall, another workshop under the title (Internet of Things “IoT” between the theory and reality) was delivered by Mr. Khalifa.A. AL-Jaziri-Group Manager and Director of Smart LoT L.L.C, he gave a beautiful presentation attracted the attendees who actively contributed with their views and opinions. At the begging of workshop session, Al-Jaziri enticed participants through a video slice to make up their minds more inventive and through the conducive question, he defined internet of Things (LoT) is a global netword of physical devices to the Internet and these devices are equiped with sensors and other information transfer mechanisms, in action the devices are usually combined by means of connection to processing units, in a way that LoT theory explains that inanimate equipment are likely be able to speak. Furthermore, he elaborated that the world is becoming more connected with smart-phones, as part of this, he explained a range of LoT devices are connected together that may need appropriate software development. People at the workshop got leaned about how machine-to-machine communication technology and support everyone wit a high transparency in almost any field of activity, imagining homes and utility and services that can forecast and prevent any disruptions in providing those services.
The need of LoT, as AL Jaziri, explained, the ideology of the Internet of Things makes our home much smarter, first it makes it possible to forget about the fear of whether or not we closed the door or switched off and iron because this information can be stored on our smart-phone, and LoT applications are not easy task but today a lot of software developers can off this services. He elaborated that if we forget to do or not to something at home, through the exchange of data (LoT) we can at anytime fix from anywhere secure every things we need, besides new technologies can combine data with physical goods, as well, in respect of LoT- healthcare, Al-Jazairi exposed that through the LoT we can still monitor our whole body, especially with our elders who are unable to move during the day when all be not around, where it will be able to detect any emergency, in addition to that as far home concerned, Al-Jazairi displayed that smart systems are being developed to enhance monitoring maintaining security, energy, lights, heating, LoT home appliances and so on. However, Al-Jazairi spoke of the LoT as the newly concept is not going to replace human or make us unemployed, yet, it just going to revolutionise and change priorities. He concluded.
On the same day’s event, at the hall, a workshop was discussed by Eng. Moahmmed Khalil, Roborts Sales Engineer, at the session with participation from attendees, Khalil spoke about Roborts and our future and whether the robots may change our lives as seemed a funny question to ask when they are changing our lives as many people perceive. He elaborated that new programe Almost Human explores the relationship between a human policeman and his android partner, but still we treat worker robots carefully lest they turn against us, roborts are being applied in fields described as dull, the jobs most at risk are low skill routine, highly structured, simple, and rule based, in environments that are static (unchanging) where rules are few and easy defined, it is unlikely that all humans will be replaced by robots in any task, it is much more likely that fewer people will be needed because for many years roborts be assistants. He explained.