Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi: SRERD Innovation Award is an incentive for creativity

  • Wednesday 13, February 2019 in 11:41 PM
Sharjah 24: The Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department (SRERD) has organised, for the second year in a row, a special ceremony to distribute the Innovation Award to the Department's employees.
Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, Director General of SRERD said that the innovation award is part of Sharjah's drive to move forward with confidence in the path of excellence and global leadership by employing innovation as a work method and lifestyle in all government sectors. 
Al Shamsi added that he Department is keen to develop a culture of innovation among all employees and to consolidate its concept in all its activities. The award focuses on innovation in the government services sector and the development of innovative work mechanisms to serve employees and customers, raise awareness on the importance of innovation, celebrate pioneering ideas, and honour the efforts innovative team.
He pointed out that this award is an incentive to encourage employees, urge them to submit their proposals, ideas and innovative projects to develop and improve performance in the department as well as to raise the level of customer’s satisfaction. 
He added that the successful institution is that which gives utmost attention to the human resources represented in the employees as the most powerful and the driving force for the success of the institutional work, which in turn, affects the entire system of government work. This requires focusing on preparing qualified cadres who can invest in learning and transform innovation into tangible excellence to serve the homeland and its citizen.