SCD trains participants to harness power of TED talks

  • Friday 07, December 2018 in 2:21 PM
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Sharjah 24: In a relentless pursuit of equipping leaders and subject matter experts with greater influence and impact, Sharjah for Capability Development (SCD), a subsidiary of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, launched its first edition of Maharat programme which represents the 21st century skills. The programme is held across December 2018 with two courses each week.
The first session was designed to harness the public speaking skills based on the power of TED talks and provided participants with the necessary tools and acumen to express their ideas and thoughts articulately. The session was conducted by renowned coaches from Ginger Public Speaking (UK); Joanna J. Thomas, who is particularly experienced in the foundations of excellent public speaking, TED-style speaking, and bespoke courses for businesses and Robin Bayley who is a fully qualified life coach, speech writer, delivery coach as well as the co-host of a storytelling event in central London called the Story Party. 
Robin Bayley said: “This course is about unlocking creativity and instilling confidence in young professionals. It’s been a real pleasure working with these women who are very aware of what they want to work on and eager to get their voice out there. The two-day course is very experiential, and we encourage them to try different things here, as it’s a space where they can afford to make mistakes.” 
“The ladies are very confident and assertive as compared to a typical mixed group of London professionals. It’s obvious that they are very good at their jobs and are frustrated with barriers that exist and looking for creative ways to solve them,” added Joanna J. Thomas. 
Maharat Programme has been designed to train participants to remain agile and responsive to change. As well as develop skills that allows them to be flexible, resourceful, lateral thinkers – skills that are gained from constant learning and application.
Speaking about the course, Najla Mohamed, Senior HR executive from NAMA women advancement establishment remarked: “I have learned that talks need to be concise and focus on the important aspects. Robin and Joanna provided us with several learning techniques on how to keep the audience engaged when making a presentation or conducting a talk, which I foresee myself using at work.” 
Eman Alnaqbi, Civil Engineer from Directorate of Public Works, said: “This course has been very beneficial for me. I am more confident now about making presentations at work via powerpoint as I am more aware of what I need to focus on.” 
The Maharat’s remaining sessions focused on critical thinking and problem solving as well as negotiation skills. The programme aims to help participants sharpen their analytical skills, create new ideas, and solve problems innovatively.