Donations to Kalba's SCI support 365 international projects

  • Saturday 10, November 2018 in 11:59 AM
Sharjah24: Sharjah Charity International (SCI) in Kalba managed to raise donations for 365 charitable projects in the past four months alone (July, August, September, October).
The projects included 39 mosques, 325 water wells (artesian wells, shallow wells, deep wells), in addition to a classroom with a total value of 3.5 million Dirhams. Meanwhile, new orphan sponsorships registered during the same period reached 61 cases through the Charity’s bank and cash sponsorship systems.
Nasser Masoud bin Bilal, Charity's Director in Kalba said: "In implementation of the directives of Sheikh Essam bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of SCI, the Kalba branch continuously works to achieve the mission and objectives of Sharjah Charity International. Efforts of the Projects and International Sponsorships Department during the past four months have resulted in the raising of AED 2 million donations to cover the cost of 365 projects in a number of countries covered by the Charity. Moreover, 61 new sponsored cases have been registered, including 30 in Thailand, 16 in Sudan, five in Sri Lanka, five in Tanzania, three in Albania and one in each of Ethiopia and Jordan.
He added: "New sponsored cases have been added to the list and their sponsorship money approved since July.” He noted that the sponsorship programme classifies cases into five categories: orphans, poor families, Imams, teachers, persons with disabilities and students. Cases under the orphans’ category are registered from an early age to receive monthly assistance until they turn 18, when their sponsorship is moved to the students’ category if they choose to continue their studies or removed from the list if they prove their ability to provide for themselves.
He clarified that the past four months saw the provision of monthly and intermittent subsidies for 210 cases in Kalba. As many as 66 widowed and divorced women, and individuals with no or low-income benefited from monthly assistance, while 124 families received intermittent aid. Money from Kafarat Al-Yameen (expiation for unfulfilled oath) was distributed among 300 poor families in Kalba and its outskirts.
He pointed out that the reception at the Kalba branch is available 24/7 to serve donators and people in need, and to answer the enquiries of visitors and callers. He extended his thanks to benefactors for their continuous support of the Charity’s work and projects, as well as to employees of the Kalba branch for their efforts in serving charitable work, thereby asserting Sharjah’s leadership on this front.