SCI medical team performs 343 cataract surgeries in a medical camp in Sudan

  • Sunday 12, August 2018 in 8:00 PM
Sharjah 24: The medical team of Sharjah Charity International (SCI), which visited Sudan recently, carried out as many as 343 cataract surgeries in a medical camp in Sudan's State of Sennar as part of its 'Treating of Eye Diseases' campaign.
The campaign, which benefited a number of men, women and children, was conducted in collaboration with the Makkah Eye Hospital of Al-Basar International. The cost of the medical camp was as high as $50,000.
The team also conducted 3,600 interviews in clinics where the visitors were examined. As a result of the examinations, some 1,200 eyeglasses were distributed on the cases that needed such eyeglasses to improve their eyesight and some 7 minor operations were performed.
Naser Masoud Belal, Director office of Sharjah Charity International in Kalbaa, said: "Sharjah Charity International has so far carried out many eye surgeries in several countries and is keen on accomplishing this mission with high degree of accuracy. We feel proud whenever we achieve success in this connection."
He went on to say: "In the State of Sennar camp, we have noticed the importance of what we do with respect to eye care, particularly cataract surgeries. While not a few members of the state's local community members had eye problems, we have provided medical treatment to around 343 cases and our medical team examined and interviewed around 3,600 cases so that the necessary medical treatment would be provided to them in the future camps and subsequent field visits."
Belal affirmed that SCI's medical teams were always striving to carry out medical and therapeutic tasks in the best way with a view to making quantum leaps in the general health condition of the cases suffering from health problems. The team members have excellent and high academic and practical experiences and employ the best techniques for effective treatment of all cases in line with SCI's consistent approach, he said.
He underscored the effective and vital co-operation by the Makkah Eye Hospital of Al-Basar International and its medical, nursing and administrative team, which contributed to the success of the campaign and the camp.
He also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all the medical, nursing and administrative teams in both SCI and Makka Eye Hospital for their high-level co-operation and meticulous co-ordination.