SRTA completes preparations for Eid Al Adha with 6,000 trips

  • Sunday 12, August 2018 in 1:02 PM
Sharjah24: Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) has completed its preparations for the Eid Al Adha holiday, which runs for six consecutive days, Abdul Aziz Al Jarwan the Director of SRTA, revealed the plans and objectives set by all the competent departments of the Authority to provide all services and meet the needs of public transport users and means of mass transport.
The Director of SRTA said that Al Jubail station is ready to receive the users of mass transit buses during the first hours of Monday morning, August 20, which coincides Day of Arafat until Saturday, 25 August.
The number of routes between the cities has increased to reach 6000 daily trips from Al Jubail to the rest of the UAE. The number of buses has also increased to 995 buses to reduce the time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes at peak times, the number of employees was increased to 70 during the day and the number of ticket sales points increased to accommodate overcrowding and accommodate the increasing number of outlets. The Authority also launched an initiative to distribute bottles of mineral water to passengers to help ease the heat while waiting for buses.
Al Jarwan said, “In order to facilitate the use of public transport buses within the Emirate of Sharjah, a discount of 25% is available for “Sayer card" holders who can be obtained and shipped directly from the driver, it was decided to increase the number of buses to 103 buses per day is expected to 1284 trips a day, to encourage the use of mass transport to maintain the environment of the emirate, as well as to avoid congestion traffic during this holiday”.
In order to provide support at Sharjah International Airport during Al Hajj season, all kinds of taxis were provided to support the airport fare 24 hours, in coordination with the airport administration and the call center of the Authority to know the busy routes, especially the pilgrims, the total number of routes carried out from Sharjah Airport during the Eid Al Adha period of 2017 is (4374) trips by taxis.
Al Jarwan expressed the keenness of the Authority to provide its services efficiently and high quality to maintain the safety of passengers has been intensified the presence of field observers of the Department to control the activities of the traffic of the 40 observers throughout the holiday and around 24 hours.