Sheikha Aisha Al Qasimi: Zayed established strong approach to empower youth

  • Saturday 11, August 2018 in 4:11 PM
Sharjah 24: Sheikha Aisha Khalid Al Qasimi, Director of Sajaya Young Ladies said that the UAE has bolstered the process of youth empowerment. This phenomenon was launched by late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founder of the UAE, who believed in the youngsters, their capabilities and the instrumental role they play in reinforcing sustainable development and preserving national heritage.
The UAE’s founder established a strong approach to empower the younger generation and enable their participation in nation building activities. He encouraged them to further their engagement in public life, and gave them avenues to learn well and then apply their learnings to the UAE’s sustainable development process in all sectors. This approach was one of the main factors behind UAE’s success and it helped create many inspiring young leaders in last four decades.”
“All surveys indicate that our youth have successfully represented our country and have made us proud! With each new day, their unlimited efforts and achievements emphasise that they are trustworthy and will cherish the mission with which our wise leadership has entrusted them. They are actively participating in public life, universities, state departments and private sector corporates. They also play an important role in charity, humanitarian and civil society activities, enhancing philanthropy. They are helping less fortunate people on the one hand and raising awareness about other social issues on the other,” she added.