“Ramadan Lights” a painting decorates Kalba City, highlights the spirit of the Holy Month

  • Thursday 17, May 2018 in 5:05 PM
Sharjah24: In the context of a series of video investigations entitled "Ramadan from Eastern region", to highlight the manifestations of the Holy Month in the cities and villages of the eastern region of the Emirate of Sharjah, the beginning was from Kalba city, which embodies the spirit of Ramadan in the best picture.
The "Sharjah 24" lens has traveled through the city, which is characterized by tranquility and natural beauty, to pick up exquisite paintings worked perfectly to highlight the city in its finest form.
Special preparations and intensive efforts by Kalba Municipality staff to receive the Holy Month of Ramadan, words were delivered by Mohammed Al Jasmi, Assistant Director of Agriculture and Environment Affairs at the Municipality.
Al Jasmi points out that the focus on the lighting of Ramadan comes from the fact that this phenomenon is considered a distinctive title of the city, and the customs inherited by generations, and Ramadan is the month of light, and one of its manifestations to express the happiness of the Holy Month.
The new lighting works offered by the Kalba municipality this year, according to Al Jasmi, are represented “Digital Lighting Panels” located on the streets and roads.