TBHF calls for Zakat donations to alleviate suffering of millions of Syrian children

  • Thursday 17, May 2018 in 4:08 PM
Sharjah24 – WAM: The Big Heart Foundation, TBHF, the Sharjah-based global humanitarian charity dedicated to helping refugees and people in need worldwide, has welcomed Zakat donations to help play a vital part in alleviating the suffering of millions of Syrian children.
According to the UNHCR, over one million Syrian children are orphaned, more than 2.75 million remain out of school and in excess of 2.5 million are living as refugees or are in search of safety.
The funds from the Zakat donations received during the Holy Month of Ramadan will focus on implementing projects related to education, child protection and the essentials of food, shelter and healthcare as well as cash assistance to vulnerable families.
In the first two months of 2018 alone, 1,000 children were reportedly killed or injured in intensifying violence and thousands have been wounded as bombs continue to fall on Eastern Ghouta, where families are living in basements without access to safe water, sanitation or food.
Mariam Al Hammadi, Director of TBHF, said, "Our brothers and sisters, the Syrian refugees, are living in difficult circumstances and we have to stand by them and alleviate their suffering. Besides our humanitarian duty, this reflects the Foundation’s vision and goals and comes as part of its efforts on a global scale to protect their right to live a decent life.
"The launching of this humanitarian campaign is in line with the spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan, which exemplifies the noble values and instils in us care and love for the needy, refugees and displaced people who live in such oppressive conditions. Millions of children need an opportunity to complete their education, overcome their plight as refugees and become individuals who can contribute to changing the reality of their countries. This is exactly the purpose of our campaign.
"Through these donations, we aim to contribute not only to cater to the basic needs of the refugees, but also to give them hope and confidence that they are not alone and that they have brothers and sisters in the world who care for them and want to support and help them overcome these harsh and hostile conditions. I call on everyone to support these children and help them build a better future for themselves and for their countries."