The warm spirit of Ramadan at Al Qasba

  • Wednesday 16, May 2018 in 2:06 PM
Sharjah24: As the Holy month of Ramadan kicks off Thursday, with 29 days of devoted worship, with each day ending with smiles and laughter of children and families over a table of delicacies, Al Qasba welcomes the return of a pivotal month in the Islamic Calendar.
A destination known for its family and child friendly atmosphere, facilities and restaurants, Al Qasba gears up for the holy month with final preparations to decorate its sceneries with Ramadan’s warm and intimate spirit, which every family, friends and individuals enjoy celebrating during the Holy month. 
Brightly decorated lounges and walkways are illuminated by a host of Ramadan lights to inspire visitors to soak up the atmosphere during the holy month, with restaurants and cafes on both sides of its famous water canal offering a bundle of new delicacies on a diverse set of menu styles.
During the Holy month, Al Qasba and its Arab and international dining outlets are open from 6:00 pm to 1:00 am on weekdays and to 2:00 am on weekends, and visitors can enjoy a variety of Iftar and Suhoor options across different genres of cuisines. 
Khulood Salem Al Junaibi, Al Qasba Manager said: “The rich family friendly environment Sharjah prides itself, mixed with the symbolism of Ramadan’s family-oriented celebrations, makes it all worthwhile for families, guests and children to celebrate the days and nights of the Holy month in Al Qasba.”
She continued: “We take great pride in our abilities to service our guests and visitors during this Holy month, and every year we explore and introduce new ways to enrich and sustain the celebratory and peaceful spirit of Ramadan, by delivering families and visitors a dining experience that just feels like home, outside of their homes.”
Among the many options one can choose in Al Qasba during the holy month, families and visitors are invited to try the ‘Beit Setti’ restaurant, known for its Syrian home-style dining experience, offering an authentic dining atmosphere to visitors and families in Sharjah and the UAE. For those who prefer to relax over hot beverages during Ramadan, Fennyal café offers a taste of the best Arabic coffee inspired by Emirati traditions, where you can experience local generosity and hospitality.
During Ramadan, Al Qasba offers families and children a collection of facilities and leisure attractions, including a children’s play area, Al Qasba musical fountain, Maraya Art Center, two libraries, and other facilities that meet the needs of visitors of all ages.