‘Sharjah Customs’ nabs 22 people hidden in cement mixer

  • Tuesday 13, February 2018 in 5:34 PM
Sharjah 24: Federal Customs Authority and Customs officials in Sharjah have nabbed 22 people hidden inside a cement mixer, trying to evade a customs checkpoint.

Ali bin Subaih Al Kaabi, chairman of the customs authority said the operation reflects the high level of coordination and cooperation between the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) and the local customs services in the field of exchanging information and news regarding smuggling goods or individuals, pointing out that such seizure indicates the vigilance of customs officers and observers at the various border crossings and their keenness to protect the state borders and preserve the security of the community., hailed the high level of cooperation that the two government bodies exhibited in finding the illegal persons.

Prior to this incident, the FCA had issued a memorandum, regarding greater sophistication in customs evasion techniques by offenders.

The customs officers had scanned the truck via routine X-ray inspection and were surprised to find 22 people - one African woman and the rest Asian - hidden within.

The on-duty officials who discovered the infiltrators, reported to their superior officer, who instructed them to handle the situation with utmost care because of the large number of infiltrators.  They requested back-up officers from the Kalba Police Station nearby.